Socializing Simulator



You are Robin Ackers, a neurotic mess who would sooner drop out of school and live the rest of your days in the wilderness than have to enter into an awkward conversation. Nevertheless, you find yourself in the precarious situation of wanting an education. It is now your burden of destiny to survive the semester and all the post-pubescent angst that comes from being on your own for the first time. Go to class, work at a cafe, adopt a ferret, and learn the true meaning of Christmas!

You've got four potential close friends, take your time with them. Socializing Simulator is a game where you play at your pace. Rather then choosing one friendship per playthrough, the game doesn't end until you complete all four routes. So strap in, because while college sucks, you're not alone.


A very good boy
who you meet on the first day of class. Chris can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. And while you don't understand how he does this, you don't hold it against him. What's really important is that he's a fan of the greatest band to ever exist in the history of ever, META. From that and that alone, you can tell he stands among the finest of people.  

A suspicious character
whom you only ever see eating(?) yogurt. She sits at the same table as you during lunch which is, you know, fine. Really. It's fine. Free country. She can do what she wants. But you've noticed that she's been watching you. You've got a sinking feeling in your gut, and you can't tell if it's paranoia or whatever the food the messhall claims is edible enough to serve you. 

A pure soul
who lives next door. She spreads joy and happiness wherever she frolics. (And frolicking is the only way to describe how she navigates the world. You would know. You checked.) This walking talking glob of goodwill comes to you in her hour of need, tying your destinies forever. (Or, at least, until the end of the semester.)

A perfect specimen,
the manager of the really cool not-at-all-stressful cafe that you work at. Clark's grandest ambition is to create the perfect cup of coffee, and he's enlisted you to help him. However, in working for him you learn perhaps the hardest of lessons. Attractive people have problems too. 

You can't avoid people forever. But that doesn't mean you can't trick them into thinking you have your cr*p together. It's up to you to feel out the best way to interact with your fellow humans. 

Encounter Screen (WIP)

Socialize Screen (WIP)
Use your nearly non-existent intuition to determine which is the best approach for interacting with your peers. Your judgement and the stats you build in the story segments will determine whether or not you've successfully fooled someone into thinking you're normal. 

The game is still VERY young. Stuff is in the progress of being sorted, if you catch my gist. But, in the meantime, following this blog helps. I'll be setting up a dev blog along with it, which I will tweet about. So follow my twitter (that's where the updates will live). I'm also on lemma soft looking for an artist. 

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