Friday, February 12, 2016

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Ladies Gents and Germs, I have a confession to make. I, Nikmacpattywak, am a fan of coffee. I know, shocking. I love coffee. I love drinking it,  I love pictures of it, I love pictures of me drinking it. Also, coffee has very little to do with this post.

So, in church we're going over Philippians and how to be a "cool christian", or how to be one that's grounded, and one of the first things that my pastor went over is how to deal with difficult situations. He described it as this, when you are in hot water, be a coffee bean. Most of the time when something is placed in hot water it either dissolves or hardens but coffee changes the water while remaining the same. As followers of Christ, we should be the same, tough situations don't have the power to break us but in our faith and with help from Christ we can change the situation, no matter what it is. It was a really good metaphor, I wish I had come up with it.

But here's the thing, what happens when the coffee is already coffee?

I think a common problem in a seasoned Christian's life is what to do when life is normal. God calls us to devote every second of our lives to him, but we're not spending all those seconds on mountains screaming His name. Sometimes, we're just sitting there drinking the coffee we worked so hard to make. It's okay to admit it guys, life is boring sometimes.

Boredom has a tendency to disconnect me from God.

It's hard to think of waking up in the morning and going to work and eating Cheerios as acts of service to God and when I feel like I'm not serving God I feel empty. Like, that's what I was put on earth to do, to love and serve God, and it's SO easy to do that when you're at Jesus camp or Feed My Starving Children or Sunday morning. Heck, it's easy to feel that way when you bring God into a conversation with your not-yet-Christian friends. But when I'm sitting on my couch with Mo's butt in my face trying to watch Arrested Development, how is that serving?

Here's the thing that I'm realizing as I write this, that's service in the way of investment, like reading your bible. Sure, you're getting spiritually fed, but you're also storing knowledge for later, knowledge God will for sure be taking advantage of. It's the same when you're quell. When you eat, you build energy and maintain your body. When you watch TV or are working, you are adding to experience to your database. All things that God intends to make good on later. Still service, just passive. Prep work.

I guess that still leaves the issue of feeling connected to God. To that I say endure. We're all going to hit empty points, we can't be full throttle all the time. And if you're really a seasoned Christian then God's always going to be in the back of your mind, you'll always be aware he's there. That's a good as it gets sometimes, and still leagues better then being without. Just remember that there'll be another day where you make coffee again, when you'll feel Him there in your bones.

That's what I've got. 'Til next time nerds.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

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What up nerds, this is an update. If you are a person who don't care about updates then I can respect that, why don't you go enjoy some Sonic tater tots instead? As for the rest of you, might have noticed my blog is different now. You might have also noticed that I haven't posted a video in quiet some time. You might also notice that this is not Geeks Under Grace, where I usually upload. All of these things happened for the same reason. I am no longer with Geeks Under Grace. It's a bit of a story, one that perhaps isn't best shared here, so let's not linger. I'm not done making videos though, make no mistake of that. I'm going be on my very own channel now, the nikmacpattywak channel, where I'm going to focusing more on talking about the craft of writing and how its implemented. Fans of GUG will recognize the series I started shortly before I left, The Geeky Writer's toolbox. That will be on this channel. What else will be on this channel? Videos about the lore of different franchises, whether it be comics or video games or books. Vlog reviews done with friends of things that I pick up that I love or hate. Inconsistent uploads because I am in college and at some point I'd like to sit down and eat. And maybe much more, I don't know what's going to happen but I trust God with it! So, if you're new to the channel or new to me in general I have the last two episodes of Geeky Writer's Toolbox, click on the screen or in the description for that. I'm working on episode number three or maybe a vlog review of The Rest Of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness with Princess Faith because it's the new book love of my life. So look forward to either of those, soon. ish. I also have a new thing up on my blog, it's called {here's how we make the world a better place} and I'm guessing you should read it.
And, lastly, don't forget that you have a great God and he is with you every step that you take.

The Geeky Writer's Toolbox
Ep. 1-Starter's Kit
Ep. 2-Hitchhiker's Guide to Characters

_Stop making fun of people for auto correct typos. Auto correct needs to get its crap together, we all know that. We can't always be on top of it. We've tried, we've failed. Time to move on with our lives. And I feel like all the time we waste making fun of people for typos is time we could spend curing cancer or making a decent Superman movie. (#lowkeyburn)

_On the train, your space is your space and my space is mine. Listen, gentlemen, I see you. I know that on the train we're not supposed to make eye contact but when you sit next to me I see you with your peacoat and your samsung and your fashionable jawline scratch. I see you weigh about the same as me. Heck, you may even weigh less, and I forgive you for that. But I fit in my seat. Look at me, legs together, backpack on my lap, not intruding into anyone else's world. Like, don't worry, you be you and I'll just be here listening the Welcome To Night Vale. No problems. But you, that's a different story. You just need to chill. You've got your body fanned out and relaxed and no, it's cool, I guess you own this train and I don't have a corporeal form that you're shoving elbow up against. Don't be that guy, stick to your box.

_I really don't care when you got into twenty one pilots. I don't, honest. You shouldn't either. I'm happy that you've had them in your life for such a long time, that doesn't make you better then me. I could just as easily listen to their old stuff. In fact, I think I will. And then I will cry. Because twenty one pilots.

_Everybody should be your different favorite. I don't have many friends. Those I do I cherish. My Mom is my favorite Mom because she does the Mom things. My Sean is my favorite Sean because he's awesome at Sean-ing. My Mocho is my favorite Mocho because she's a technically cat but she doesn't let that stand in the way of her being a dog. Everyone can be your favorite something.

_Kingdom Hearts 3. Let's make it happen people. No more 2.8 bull.

_Smile at people in hallways. I get it. You're repulsed by me in general, I'm repulsed by you in general. It's not an ideal situation. But honey, the day ain't getting any better and we've still got eight hours of it so let's just pretend.

_If people are pretty, tell them. We hear at least 10 negative things about us a week, let's add something nice to the mix. Don't worry, I'll start. I like your bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

_Toilet etiquette. If you don't know it then let me refresh you. Gentlemen, seats down when you are finished. This bothers people. I don't know why, but it does. People in general, replace the roll when it's gone. I promise you the person behind you will not notice until it's too late. That's not on them, that's on you. Don't do that to people. Lastly, if the toilet is clogged, inform the master of the house. Yes, you will be embarrassed. Yes, the master will be mad. I feel like you'll get over it.

_Pregnant people eat pickles. That's not really a life lesson, just something I learned that's interesting. Kinda a tongue twister too. Pregnantpeopleeatpicklespregnantpeopleeatpicklespregnantpeopleeatpi-

That is all. For now. 'Til next time nerds.