Saturday, January 26, 2019

Been a while AND ALSO I'm very cold AND ALSO check out my other blog where I talk about making a video game


been a while.

how you doin'?

I am basic...
cally addicted to coffee. boom got 'em. 

In case you missed it, I'm posting over on a different blog right now. Talking about my experiences making this thing I'm working on, maybe you've heard me talking about it a couple of posts ago. It's called Socializing Simulator and BOY OH BOY it's cup overfloweth with really dumb jokes that I'm about 10% ashamed of making. Figured I'd pop back here to recommend 2 posts in particular. They're closer to what I usually post here so who knows, you might like them.

The Writing + A Crash Course in Media Communication
Character Art and How to Communicate with It

'kay, that's it for now. Maybe someday I'll find time to talk about Spider-man Into the Spiderverse, because even with all of the discourse it still OUGHT TO BE TALKED ABOUT. But for now, just going to be here making the game.

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