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Mr. Pascal's Funeral Parlor - Literally Stories
The windows are closed, the clocks all stopped, the mirrors are covered, and the Melancholies all sprinkling salt water on the body. Yes, all things are coming together. By the end of the night one would be laid to peace while one burned.

Siren - The Lab Review
You’re not sure if you’re awake or asleep. There is nothing but darkness and you can’t feel yourself breathe and your limbs aren’t under your control. The air feels different. Gravity feels different. Your muddled mind is hazed, there’s a question you should be asking but you can’t think of what it is. Your concern right now is opening your eyes. 
Open your eyes. 

Ann - Black Fox Literary Magazine
This is what it’s like when the mind starts to go, he’s been told. Each day he misplaces more details, such as where he put his keys or whether he left his headlights on. Once, the thought of losing these bits and pieces of cognition scared him. It still scares him. 
He has his Ann, though. 

Jack vs. The Bloody Carpet - The Internet is Where Robots Live Now Edited by Nicole B. Jacobson
There was blood in the carpet…probably. 
Jack ran a hand over his ragged face, the bristles of his morning shadow scratch over his palm. Every morning a new surprise. Last Monday there was a hole in the roof. Thursday the toaster was on fire. Today, blood in the carpet.

Traditional Publishing - The Lab Review Blog
Perhaps you’re a freshman and you’re so ready to make your dreams come true, you just wanna get your hands on as much publishing info as possible. Or maybe you’re late in your junior year and you’re thinking, I should do something professional with my life. Either way, you could use some insta-career right about now.

Welp, I have no top hats. I have no petri dishes. And I certainly do not have a snare drum. But I do have a couple places for you to get started.

The Shower Principle - The Lab Review Blog
As creators we’re drawn to stories of unusual starts, of inspiration that came from unlikely places. We love the idea that someday we can unsuspectingly walk into a McDonalds and be assaulted with an idea that’s sure to be the next Hamilton.
And yet, there’s the matter of how to bring on the “Aha” moment.

The First Draft Is For You (Dummy) - Black Fox Literary Magazine
I have no shame with sharing the first draft of anything I write, and that’s a problem, because sharing too early destroyed the first draft of my most recent novel.

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